Crunchfest, 2000,2001
Arp Ranch

These random get togethers took place at Ben Arp's home in northern California. I don't even remember who played at these.

Northern California Noise Festival, 2001
Luna's Cafe & Juice Bar
Sacramento, CA

Big City Orchestra
Critical Theatre
Pablo St. Chaos
Products of Conception
Stolen Light

Brisbane, CA, 2002

Sleeping With the Earth
Stolen Light
Cruelty Campaign

Music For the End ofthe World
State College, PA, 2004
Tall Shiva Hookah Lounge
Solo performance.

Mercy, Justice, and Equilibrium: Experimental music depicting the passion of Christ
State College, PA, 2006
Live Action for 90.7FM, The Lion

For this performance, Stolen Light and Goose were joined by Michael Tumolo, Jennifer Biedendorf, Rebecca Lunceford, and a friend of Sc'Eric's whose name I can't remember. This performance was inspired by Sc'Eric, who worked at the campus radio station and asked if I had ever considered the idea of a noise hymn. I found the idea intriguing and did a performance in three parts, tracing the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden, a second segment where we read the sins of the area through newspaper stories over the air with music mixed in representing Christ in Gethsemanie, and a segment of reconciliation between man and Deity. In the path of life, trials with joy combine until exaltation. "There must needs be opposition in all things."

Live Action for SOMA
State College, PA, 2007
Solo performance

Live Action for JAG-TV
Mobile, AL, 2012
Solo performance