Zaft 002   Stolen Light   Eternity and Eschatology

Track Listing:

  1. From Above
  2. Toward a Darker Day
  3. Ticking Away
  4. Ashes, Ashes

Eternity and Eschatology was Stolen Light's first noise experiment. Previously, I was working in ambient music. One night, I filmed a thunderstorm and the treatment of the audio portion became "Eternity." The rest was created using running water and various objects in the television studio I was working in. I consider the "Eschatology" portion to be some of my more "raw" works. I have spent much of my time since then trying to recapture that primal energy that only seems to come when you have no idea what the hell you are doing. You just know that it needs to be done. This album is what would happen if Lustmord and MSBR were forced to collaborate on a release.

From the Self Abuse Records Catalog:

One 30 minute track of processed natural recordings, and three short tracks of Harsh distorted noise.