Zaft 007   Stolen Light   Speed

Track Listing:

  1. Going Deaf
  2. Death March part 1
  3. Wasting Away
  4. Atrovent
  5. Death March part 2
  6. Flatline

When my father died, he died with nothing. None of us cared about that. We are pretty mellow and all I wanted that was his was a silver dollar that had been given to him by his father. Of course, it was nowhere to be found. My father's worldly possessions fit in a small box. In that box were things like a deck of cards, asthma inhalers, and an amplification device that you wear like headphones. I took these items, along with a few interesting things from his funeral that I took with me after dressing the body (Shane knows what I'm talking about) and decided that I would make my own memento. This disc is the result, and is named after my father. Because it is such a personal undertaking, I have limited this release to 25 numbered copies.