Zaft 009   Stolen Light   Roadkill (deleted)

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I sent a demo to Freak Animal Magazine for review. He didn't like it. That's fine with me, because bad press is good press too as far as I'm concerned. I emailed my friend Phil at Troniks Records to tell him about my bad press. He said that they didn't like his stuff either. It seemed that they wanted something a bit more harsh. I don't know how many of you are familiar with lefthandeddecision (Phil's project) but it is harsh as hell. I set out to make something extreme. The goal of this was to create an unlistinable disc for people like Freak Animal. I don't know if I succeeded, but it is definitely harsh stuff. The title comes from the fact that this disc is literally packaged in roadkill. Yes, roadkill as in a previously living woodland creature that didn't quite cross the road. I decided that if I were to go for extreme, I may as well go all of the way. I thought about sending a copy to Freak animal, but decided that I really didn't feel like paying the postage to Finland on dead weight.