Zaft 014   Stolen Light   Bitter Regrets

Track Listing:

  1. The Torment of Errors
  2. Blinded by the Dust of the Whirlwind
  3. Boiling From the Inside
  4. The Final Dismantling of My Sin

There is a long story to this album but it won't be told here. This is by far my favorite work so far. I listened to "The Final Dismantling of my Sin" in a dark room with headphones after recording it. It was an amazing and powerful experience. I understood. That is all that can be said of it.

Here is a review from Free Death:

"Bitter Regrets" is a very good disc that I advise everyone to pick up. Play it loud, it will have dramatic effects on you, such as freezing you to your chair, or causing your heart rate to multiply. The music isn't frightening >per se<, but it's hard to tune it out as a background listening experience. This disc is as much of a frantic journey into the depths of the psyche as it a noise disc. The first track, "The Torment of Errors", reminds me very strongly of thousands of hungry, bloodthirsty demons, swooping down. Need I say more?! There's a healthy amount of angst encoded into this disc, but unlike a lot of the cathartic goo I've heard, Bitter Regrets pulls it off with strength and purpose.

Description from the Rectrix Catalog:

Noise, constructed in a completely new way. Scorching lava splatters on your speakers, the sky falls on your head, you are completely distressed, and it's just begun to rain noise on your head.

Another description from the Rectrix:

Paranoia in sound. A battery of sonic confusion; some of the most original noise around.