Zaft 021   Imperial Floral Assault Unit / Goose / Conure / Stolen Light

Track Listing:

  1. Imperial Floral Assault Unit: It's Okay to Joke About it if You've Got It
  2. Goose: Light Follows Mass
  3. Goose: The Point at Which All Things Converge
  4. Conure: Faulty Mic
  5. Stolen Light: Relentless
  6. Stolen Light: Memories That I Wish Would Fade Away

This is number six in the series of split releases and the longest yet. It is also the first 4 way split. The IFAU track was recorded live at a radio station. IFAU has since parted ways and some of the remaining members will continue on under a different name.

Here's what Nicolas at Recycle Your Ears had to say:

The sixth volume of the Zaftig split CDRs offers more than usual. We get here a long track by Imperial Floral Assault Unit, a shorter one by Conure, and two by each of Brett Lunceford's project (the ambient Goose and the noisy Stolen Light). Imperial Floral Assault Unit's track is a live recording the band did for some radio show in California (it even features the radio DJ's voice). It's a nice and noisey track that evolves a lot but doesn't get as rhythmic as the project's CDR on Crunch Pod Media. Well done and never boring, it's not very coherent, but these guys still end up with a good example of noise made in California. Then come the shortest Goose tracks I know of. These two are really dark and slow, and less made of drones than before. In consequence, they are richer and even better. "Light follows mass" builds nicely, and "The point at which all things converge" is a really good track, with a seducive dark atmosphere. Conure's track is called "Faulty mic" and I doubt they have used anything else to record it. This is a slow progression of distorted noise and feedback. A lot of different elements are used, and produce rather original textures and frequencies. Nice experimentations. Finally, the whole thing ends with two track by Stolen Light who, this time, choose to work more with percussions than with huge walls of noise. Without being really rhythmic, this act play this time a music that evolves quite a lot. "Relentless" is a good, aggressive track with some nice "beats", and "Memories that I wish would fade away" is more noisy and scraping and feature nice outbursts of statics. As of today, I think this is the most interesting volume of the split CDRs on Zaftig Research, mostly because four times are to be found here, instead of the usual two. But Brett Lunceford's projects is also in a great day here, and both Conure and Imperial Floral Assault Unit play good tracks. A good CDR and a good choice to get some well done noise.