Zaft 038   Various Artists   Holly and Ivy


  1. Hrönir: Christmas Card With Anthrax
  2. Karl Bösmann: Under Ice
  3. Thee Virginal Brides: I Did Not Buy Her Anything As I Did Not Want Her To Die From The Inside
  4. Black Saturn: Changing Faces
  5. humanextermination project: Assembly Line Xmas
  6. djs: Winter’s Breath
  7. Gorgonized Dorks: Santa's Impaled on my Theremin Antenna
  8. ctephin: What Child is This?
  9. Stolen Light: Mugging Santa
  10. Narbenerde: XMess 2007 (Seelenkälte II)
  11. Xedh and Tüsüri: Olentzero Oparixe
  12. Mystified: Mid-Winter Mystic
  13. Goose: Ring Out Wild Bells

This year's disc is generally pretty mellow with some nice harsh accents. Maybe we're all getting old and mellowing out. After all, we've been doing this for nine years now. Some newcomers as always alongside veterans like Karl Bösmann and Narbenerde.

Review from Vital Weekly

It seems that more and more the underground cranks out christmas releases, Meeuw Muzak with his long series of 7"s, Tietchens recent 7" and now Zaftig Research, who also have a small tradition themselves and a release by Absurd. I believe for the third time in a row, Zaftig Research releases a christmas compilation, although they use an extended meaning of the word 'christmas'. It's the cover and the title that give that christmas look, but in some of the music it's hard to recognize. The Gorgonized Dorks may call their piece 'Santa's Impaled On My Theremin Antenna' but in the amorphous noise blast there is hardly anything santa to be detected. DJs 'Winter Breath' may come closer with a nice frosty piece with chimes or the demented christmas tune of Ctephin. A track may start with 'hohoho', but goes straight into noise, by Stolen Light. Anything to do a good piece of noise can be done, so why not rape Santa? I must admit I like the somewhat more quieter pieces here, and less the noisy ones. Perhaps the fact that it is less christmas inclined does the trick for me, as I'm not a particular great fan of the whole event. Spending it with music like this is just fine enough.